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Dos and don’ts.

­čĹÄ I don’t accept anything related to;┬áMobile games, card games, moba games, “merchboxes”, software outside of gaming, vpn’s, “key selling homepages”, “learning homepages”, “audiobook homepages” and “gambling homepages”.

­čĹÄ I don’t accept these practices;┬áReading scripted call to action or scripted shoutouts, short “baked in-video ads”, non-compete clauses,┬ácommission fees or any type of “overtime payments”. My Youtube and Twitch isn’t a call center.

­čĹŹ I respect and enjoy ;┬áStraight up gameplay videos/streams dedicated to “Games, DLC’s, Expansions”. Streams to agreed length and Youtube videos 10 minutes or longer. Hardware related content will usually be part of “Apartment Videos, DIY’s Videos, Computer Building Videos ect.” If substantial enough a full video could be made. “Check┬áReturn of the Ikea Markus Chair” as a example on phasing and editing.

­čĹŹ I do accept these practices;┬áSponsored shoutouts will be vocally and if wanted visually displayed.┬áCreator freedom when doing call to action and pointing out links/descriptions/twitchpanels. Bots doing automated shoutouts/cta’s is also fine.

To sum up, give me creator freedom tro make a genuine and funny video without making it feel forced. If i’m able to enjoy and respect my own content then so will the viewer.┬á­čĹŹ